Frankenstein Rebatch Soap

Frankenstein Rebatch Soap


Here at The Paper Rose we bevel & plane every bar of soap, resulting in tons of scraps & shreds of wonderful soap! So, we try to use every tiny piece and that's how Frankenstein soap was born!

Is it pretty? No! Is it wonderful, skin loving, luxurious soap? Yes!

We put all those little pieces into a crock pot with some creamy milk (the type varies) and we melt it all down, add some fresh fragrance and then slap it into a mold. When it hardens we cut it & let it completely dry out for a few weeks. No packaging, no ingredient list, no fuss. Just good soap!

Ingredients will vary, but can include: Saponified oils of olive, coconut, avocado, shea butter, RSPO palm, castor, distilled water, colorants, fragrance, essential oils, salt, honey, milks, clays, botanicals, glycerin

Scent profle: this batch is Coconut vanilla

Hand cut weight between 4-5 ounces

This Handmade Soap is:

♥ Detergent Free

♥ SLS/ Sulfate Free (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate)

♥ Preservative Free

♥ Never Tested On Animals

♥ Vegan Friendly, Unless Otherwise Stated


    To ensure the longevity of your soap bar it is very important to keep it out of your showers stream or standing water. Place it on a well draining soap dish, or on your shower caddy's wire rack to dry between uses.