100% Natural Calming Chamomile Artisan Soap


No fragrance or color make this the perfect bar of gentle soap for baby or anyone with skin sensitivities. 


Ingredients: Saponified oils of olive, coconut, avocado, castor, ethically sourced, sustainable palm, shea butter. brewed chamomile tea, chamomile buds


Scent profle: There is a very faint and slight hint of chamomile tea, but no fragrance or essential oils were added to this soap


All of our low top soaps are hand cut and weigh between 4-5 ounces


♥ Made With (RSPO) Certified - Sustainable Palm Oil
♥ Detergent Free
♥ SLS/ Sulfate Free (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate)
♥ Preservative Free
♥ Paraben Free
♥ Phthalate Free
♥ Never Tested On Animals
♥ Vegan Friendly, Unless Otherwise Stated THIS SOAP CONTAINS GOAT MILK


    To ensure the longevity of your soap bar it is very important to keep it out of your showers stream or standing water. Place it on a well draining soap dish, or on your shower caddy's wire rack to dry between uses.